Ears should always be pink and clean, without any unpleasant odour. Use a cotton wool bud dipped in almondor olive oil to clean inside the ear, but on no account probe deep into the ear recess.

If this recess looks dirty and has an unpleasant odour, a visit to a veterinarian is necessary. Hair should be plucked from ears between finger and thumb about every six weeks.

Neglected earsbecome inflamed and the lining painful and thickened. Surgerymay then be the only treatment. Sometimes a poodle may really resent the plucking, in which case be extra vigilant in your checks for smell and discharge.

Poodle frequently have runny eyes, more obviously seen on Whites and Apricots but oftenpresent in all varities. This problem can be difficult and frustrating for even a veterinarian to sort out, but regular cleaning with proprietary preparations will improve the eyes' appearance and reduce local skin problems.

If the eyes are inflamed or discharging pus, look for foreign bodies such as grass seeds, then bath with cotton wool and cool water. If the Poodle appears to be in pain from the examination or bathing, seek immediate veterinary attention.

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