Your Pets Diet

All puppies and growing dogs need more food per day than the adult dog; four meals a day are necessary when young. When fully mature, one or at the most two meals a day is sufficient.

The quantities depend on the size of the dog and the amount of energy it expends exercise. A Standard Poodle requires much more than a Miniature or a Toy. The correct amount of food for each variety of poodles should be given to you by the breeder who will know from experience the best times of the day to feed the puppy and how much food is required for maximum growth and healthiness.

All dogs require a range of different type of food in order to promote a healthy and sound body. Quantities In recommending the quantity of food to be fed daily to your adult Poodle, several factors must be considered. If your Poodle is a pet given as much food as the country dog running free all day. A busy stud dog requires extra food, as does a brood bitch. But as a rough guide the usual requirements are considered to be 1/2oz (14g) of food for 1lb (454g) of body weight plus biscuit or cereal per day.

But all Poodles, be their standard, Miniatures or Toys, vary in their dietary requirements, so to give exact amounts are quite useless. Like people, some Poodles eat a lot and keep thin, whilst others get fat with very little food. It is up to each owner to learn to gauge the amount suitable for his or her own dog. Canned foods Great Advances have been made recently in the quality of canned dog foods. For convenience and time-saving, the many well established manufacturers of canned food can be relied on to provide nutritious and substantial meals for all sizes of Poodles fed as a complete diet.

Dried foods Meal or dried foods are also available. Once again, the well established brands are considered to be nutritious and satisfying for health and growth. Some are fed dry whilst others need to be served moist. Always feed according to the manufacturer’s instructions printed on all packets.



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