History of the Poodle

The Theory of the Poodle Origin certainly is the oldest breed recorded. Carving dated approximately 30 AD, of Poodle-type dogs in the origin of Emperor Augustus. Romans and the Greek showing a dog resembling the Poodle on coins. Poodle often had lion-like mane and hindquarters clipped short. Poodles in the early recording had the traditional Lion trim.

It is all most certain that the poodle originated in Germany, where the standard poodle was used as water dogs ‘Pudel’ in German meaning to splash in water. In the sixteenth century engravers, showing two distinct styles- curly and corded. A engraving of a black and white poodle-like dog was found that was dated 1803. The dog had a neglected poodle type coat and a shorter head than the poodles of today but it had a marked resemblance to the standard poodle.

It is believed that the Poodle’s true country of origin is France, Because of its popularity in the France. Artists and engravers in France have depicted Poodles for a very long time especially the toy poodle. The French has played a major part in the developing of the poodle as we know it today. The French usually owned a small, white, slender poodle known as Petit Barbet. They would like to claim that the Poodle is a descendant of the Barbet.

The Poodle was carried during the Revolutionary War by troops. The troops carried the poodle into France and later into Britain, Spain, and Holland. Poodles were seen in different regions spreading all over Europe. The Poodle was seen in Germany this poodle had heavy legs. They were also seen harnessed to carts in Belgium, and Holland. A taller more elegant poodle was seen in Russia they were usually black. Brussels used the poodle for smuggling lace to avoid heavy duties.

There was a poodle named Moustache that is famous for his bravery in the war. He was born in the 1800 in Normandy. The war Moustache fought was the Battles of Marengo and Austerlitz. He alarmed the French when the Austrians approached. He also carried Colors back to his regiment when a soldier that was carrying the Color was killed. Moustache was killed in 1811 at the Battle of Badajoz in span. He had a headstone that read “Cig it le brave Moustache” Here lies the brave Moustache”. The headstone was smashed and his body was burned by the Spaniards after the war. But there was a wood cutting survives dated 1811.

Poodles were used as entertainment since the eighteenth century. Clowns and street entertainers used the poodle in their act. They would perform all over England doing highly unusual tricks like tightrope walking, racing with monkeys on their backs, and walking and dancing on their hind legs. There is a record of a poodle called Munito back in 1818 that was supposedly able to do card tricks by counting.




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