Training your Pet!

The easiest way to house break a pup is to put a doggy door in and show the pup how to go in and out. A poodle pup will catch on really fast, for poodle’s are a very smart dogs.

Once you show the pup the door it will go in and out on its own. The next step is to keep your pup in one area, do not let the pup have free run of the house.

When the pup is real young about 8 weeks you should probably put it in a big box or a playpen when you are not watching it.

When you take the pup out of its bed area to play keep a eye on it and watch it close. When he or she starts to smell around take it outside right away. After it does its job tell the pup it is a good boy or girl. Because the puppy will respond to praise more than to a scolding. Before long the pup will be house broke.



The Poodle Handbook: The Essential Guide to Standard, Miniature & Toy Poodles (Canine Handbooks)